Don’t Get Distracted By All The Partisan Nonsense: The Principled Case Against Ilhan Omar Remains

Americans of conscience must continue to sound the warning about Ilhan Omar.

Despite all the partisan venom flying back and forth, let us not lose sight of Omar’s reprehensible behavior. Her comments and tweets are online for anyone to read. Her own words tell us everything we need to know.

The best that can be said for Omar is that she’s reckless, rash and insensitive. On that basis alone, she has disqualified herself from serving on the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee.

Beyond her malicous comments about Jews and Israel, her hideous quote about the Battle of Mogadishu should have sealed the deal. Let’s not forget: She openly slandered the American troops who lost their lives on a humanitarian mission to save her countrymen.

If Congress was functioning properly, that statement alone would have raised all types of red flags. Omar’s privileged position on the Foreign Affairs Committee comes with security clearance and access to the nation’s secrets -- including intel that could possibly affect our diplomatic personnel, intelligence services, and military forces throughout the world.

If Congress was doing its job, her Mogadishu statement would have triggered hearings into Omar’s fitness to remain on the committee. It would have spurred serious Congressional debates about revoking Omar’s access to the vault of the nation’s secrets.

But none of that has happened. Instead, the latest wave of political turbulence has cemented Omar’s status as a Toxic Left icon. She’s even being hailed as an “American hero” in some quarters.

Americans understand that the train of the nation is rushing headlong toward a precipice. It may be too late to stop the train, but we must do everything in our power to try.

Congress has as much a role to play as the President. Whatever one feels about Trump, the Legislature has to mind its own House, too. Entrusting loose cannons like Omar with unwarranted authority does nothing to slow the train. In fact, it kicks it into higher gear. The precipice awaits.