Walls Closing in on America's Pretty Little Nightmare

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Like the iconic trash compactor scene in the original Star Wars, the walls are closing in on America's trash-talking nightmare Ilhan Omar.

Here's an update:   
  • The White House keeps hammering away at Omar and her Odd Squad over their hatred for Israel, American Jews, America's military -- not to mention America overall. 
  • IlhanMustGo's Congressional resolution calling for Omar's removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee and the revocation of her security clearance is percolating through the House of Representatives.
  • Omar's hometown journalists, like David Steinberg of Alpha News Minnesota, have been doggedly reporting on what might be the most corrupt political career since the days of Boss Tweed. Finally, the mainstream media -- including the state's biggest newspaper -- are taking the evidence seriously. 
  • Minnesota Republican state legislator Steve Drazkowski -- who's also been warning about Omar since the start -- has asked the U.S. House Ethics Committee to launch a formal investigation.  
  • Polls show that larger numbers of Americans are waking up to Omar and her antics -- and they are not pleased.
The Scandal Queen's saga is just getting underway. Stay tuned.